Provillus Is For Men And Women

September 5, 2012

Just like any growth cycle, hair grows and falls out for sometimes and to be replaced with new strands of hair. Hair shedding is normal but excessive hair loss is not. Hair loss condition may lead to baldness that needs attention as it can affect men, women and children alike.

So Tell Me If This Stuff Works Or Not

Common Baldness

The male-pattern baldness (MPB) is a health condition with a genetic origin, hormonal imbalance and serious illness. As man ages or matures, the level of dihydrotestostone (DHT) or male sex hormones (androgen) changes. And once the level gets high, this can lead to male-pattern baldness or common baldness. Although it is hereditary, the thinning of hair can be prevented. Hair follicles are sensitive to DHT and over production can weaken and shorten follicles' life span. Hormonal imbalance can be due mostly to age, diet, lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. Other factors such as lack of sleep, stress, fatigue and others can contribute to this health problem.

What is Provillus - the Miracle cure

Provillus  is a health supplement clinically proven to enhance growth of hair. By taking fortified body supplement and all natural ingredients hormonal imbalance... [More]

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